How Snorex works

Normal Breathing

Normally during sleep the muscles which control the lower jaw, tongue and soft palate keep the airway open, allowing the sleeper to breathe freely and quietly.

Sleep quality is not affected.

The sleeper wakes feeling refreshed.


When these muscles relax the jaw drops and the tongue falls back. The airway becomes narrower, which causes snoring and breathing difficulties.

Snoring is the vibration of the air and soft tissue as the air passes through the restricted airway.

This is true even when the snoring seems to come from the nose.

Sleep quality is degraded because the snoring disrupts the normal sleep pattern.

The sleeper will often wake feeling unrested and will easily fall asleep when relaxing.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

If these muscles relax too much the airway can become completely blocked, preventing breathing.

This is Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. This may happen from one or two times a night to many times an hour.

Sleep quality is extremely poor as the snoring and apnoea both disrupt the normal sleep pattern.

So much that the person is permanently tired, driving is impaired, and mood and memory are affected.

What SNOREX does

What SNOREX doesSNOREX™ is a 'Mandibular advancement splint', it duplicates what a First responder does to clear the airway before performing rescue breathing. The SNOREX™ prevents the tongue and soft palate from restricting the airway by holding the lower jaw closed and slightly forward of its normal position. This maintains an open, unrestricted airway, so you breathe normally and the conditions which cause the snoring and disruption to healthy sleep are prevented. It is approved by the US FDA (registration reference K971818).

SNOREX™ works whether you breathe through your mouth or nose. Since I make them I can adjust your SNOREX™ to obtain maximum comfort and effect. It is similar to tuning a musical instrument. The total cost of a SNOREX™ is $690 including GST, payable only when I deliver your SNOREX™ to you. If you are one of the few unfortunate people who do not benefit from the SNOREX™ there is no risk and you are not out of pocket as my money back guarantee* applies.

*As people are different your individual experience may vary slightly. Money back guarantee terms and conditions; that the SNOREX™ is used as directed and that we explore all possible adjustments before giving up. The initial setting is based on your comfort and the ability of your jaw muscles, once they have adapted, increments to the position can be made. Any adjustment  during the first year is free.